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New York Spine and Physiotherapist is a comprehensive health center dedicated to patient care, research and public education. Our reputation for excellence in each of those areas has made New York Spine and Physiotherapist a major patient referral center for the insurance industry.

Each year, people throughout Hong Kong choose New York Medical Group for their health care needs, not only because of its excellence in Spine and Physiotherapy and medical services but also because of the dedication Spine and Physiotherapist and staff have for treating patients with dignity and compassion. New York Medical Group's mission is to advance Hong Kong's health and wellness through programs in patient care, education, and scientific excellence.

Although the initial goal of Spine and Physiotherapy care is to reduce pain and normalize function, Spine and Physiotherapy care prides itself in promoting overall health of an individual, thereby increasing quality of life.

Spine and physiotherapists may incorporate specific recommendations such as nutritional counseling, home exercises and pain management techniques to encourage healthy lifestyle choices that promote a more successful and balanced lifestyle.

Physiotherapy And Spine Wellness

Visitors are advised to seek professional help from a registered Spine and Physiotherapist, as individual conditions vary.

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