Trigger Finger

Tendon sheath is the ligaments link up the finger joints which provides stability during finger movements. Over abrasion between tendon sheath and tendons would cause traumatic inflammation. Patient should avoid prolonged bending of fingers and over exertion of finger so as to prevent fingers from being hurt.
Symptoms at early stage, finger would be painful and swollen. Moreover, tendon sheath would be thickened and affect the fingers movement.
Consequence inflammation of tendon sheath would cause swelling and traumatic inflammation pathology at the finger tendons.
Causes trigger finger is caused by trauma and overuse for fingers tendon sheath, e.g. heavy lifting, twisting clothes, etc., which would cause damage to the ligaments around fingers.


Spine and Physiotherapy with adequate rest beforehand, displaced finger joints are restored, leading to decompression of tendon sheath. Short wave diathermy, heat treatment for tendon sheath relaxation.
Medications steroid injection, NSAIDs.
Surgical operation tendon sheath release.

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