Your First Visit

What to expect

Making your first Spine and Physiotherapy appointment can be an anxious moment but it is also the first step towards returning to your daily activities without pain and keeping it that way. Usually the clinic friendly Spine and Physiotherapy assistants will be on-hand to reassure you and help you arrange a suitable time to come in and see us.

What to wear during Spine and Physiotherapy visit

Although there is no specific dress code for visiting a Spine and Physiotherapist, it is always a good idea to wear comfortable, non-restricting clothes, to allow your Spine and Physiotherapist to easily evaluate your condition during the physical examination. Patient gown/shorts will be provided if needed.

Your First Visit

On your first visit to a Spine and Physiotherapy clinic, Spine and Physiotherapy assistant will ask you to fill out some forms related to your visit. After that, they should explain to you what to expect during your Spine and Physiotherapy treatment. For some clinics, they will even show you. A short video about the what to expect during your Spine and Physiotherapy treatment.

Initial Consultation and Examination

Your Spine and Physiotherapist will take a case history and do a full examination of your spine, nerves, muscles and soft tissue structures. Depending upon your case, x-rays and follow-up tests may be requested.

Explanation and Treatment

After your initial examination, the clinic’s medical staff will explain their findings and how they may be affecting your health. You will learn about potential causes for your pain and discomfort as well as possible underlying causes. We will also explain what types of treatment we feel is suitable for your condition and describe the treatment plan best for you. If we are happy with the examination results and feel it is safe to proceed we will begin with the treatment.

Physiotherapy And Spine Wellness

Visitors are advised to seek professional help from a registered Spine and Physiotherapist, as individual conditions vary.

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