Your Second Visit

On your second visit to the Spine and Physiotherapy clinic, the clinic will present you with a comprehensive report of findings from your initial examination and x-rays to go over a treatment plan with you. Your Spine and Physiotherapist will endeavor to provide a clear explanation for your condition and help you understand what to expect for your Spine and Physiotherapy care.

Additionally, the clinic may advise you on how to improve certain aspects of your health and well-being often in relation to your work, core stability or posture and recommend some suitable home exercises for you. By working together the clinic will deliver an optimal situation for a quick return to health and normal activity levels.

Hopefully when the treatment are finished you will begin to notice some improvement in your condition.

Physiotherapy And Spine Wellness

Visitors are advised to seek professional help from a registered Spine and Physiotherapist, as individual conditions vary.

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