Health Seminar

Most Hong Kong people are suffering from neck pain and low back pain deal to their improper posture at work and in everyday life. We, New York Medical Group (Pain Center), are devoted to enhance people’s awareness on spinal wellness by providing health talk and spinal screening services for corporations and organizations.

Health Seminar & Spinal Screening Services

All health talks are delivered by our center’s spine and physiotherapist and followed by a spinal screening session, providing consultation for participants.

We have organized over hundreds of health talks for corporations, associations and education institutes and received positive feedback. Please kindly choose the following health talk topics or suggest other related topics to suit different needs.


Health Talk: 30min (15mins for Q & A)
Spinal Screening: 15min – 30min

3M Glorious Sun 旭日企業 MTR Corporation Limited 香港鐵路有限公司
A1 Bakery Golf Farm Golf 園藝高爾夫 Munich Reinsurance Company
Access Control 智達系統 Green Island 青洲英泥 Nanyang Tobacco 南洋煙草
ACE 安達人壽 GroupM Hong Kong New World Group 新世界集團
ADI (Architecture) HK Airport 香港機場 New World Telecom 新世界電訊
Ageas富通保險 HK Life 香港人壽 Newedge
AXA 安盛 HKCCSA 華員會 Oriental Logistic 東方物流
Baby Kingdom 親子王國 HKFEW 香港教育工作者聯會 OSIM
Beauty Group HKICPA 香港會計師公會 Philip Morris 菲利普莫里斯
Belt Collins International HKMA 香港管理專業協會 Phillip Wain 菲力偉
Cable TV 有線電視 HKSTP 香港科技園 Promotional Partners Worldwide
Century 21 世紀 21 HKTA 香港網球總會 Prudential 英國保誠
Chinese University of HK 中文大學 HKTDC 香港貿發局 Regal Hotels International富豪酒店集團
Cimigo Hung Fook Tong 鴻福堂 Rita Fan's Office 范徐麗泰議員辨事處
CITS 香港國旅 Hung Hon 鴻漢實業 Rohm & Haas 羅門哈斯
CLP 中華電力 IBM SAE 新科
Consulate General of Finland芬蘭領事館 Inter'l Commerce Association 國際商務聯會 Sen Yee Seng Medical School 中山醫大
Dah Chong Hong 大昌行 IVE 香港專業教育學院 Sharp 聲寶-樂聲
DaiWa Capital Markets JCK & Associate Sinomax
DDB Hong Kong KKR Asia Limited Student Travel 學聯旅遊
DHL Maersk馬時基航運 Sunlife 永明金融
Dragon Air 港龍航空 Manulife 宏利保險 Synovate 思緯市場
English Schools Foundation英基學校協會 Maryknoll School 瑪利諾中學 Targus
Eversheds LLP MassMutual 美國萬通 The Peninsula Hong Kong半島酒店
Four Seas 四洲集團 Mence Beauty TransAmerica
FWD 富衛保險 Merrill Lynch 美林證券 Wharf T&T Limited九倉電訊
Garden Restaurant 花園飲食集團 MetLife美商大都會人壽 Winterthur Life
Giordano 佐丹奴 Mindshare HK 傳立香港 Zurich 蘇黎世保險集團

Physiotherapy And Spine Wellness

Visitors are advised to seek professional help from a registered Spine and Physiotherapist, as individual conditions vary.

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